About Staff

Your Frankfort Planning and Building Codes Department staff / team are proud members of the City of Frankfort. Our department and primary function and role is regulatory, which makes our job a little more difficult. 

Your Planning and Building Codes Staff will assist you with your needs, concerns, and situation in every way possible to help you meet the regulatory requirements.


We don't fix or repair sidewalks, pot holes, drainage, clogged plumbing, extinguish fires or reduce crime. Rather we help ensure permits have been issued, properties are maintained to the minimum standards, and construction meets current codes. Therefore, we often require you, the home owner or business owner to fix, replace, or correct things about your property, which may cost money.

We do this because we care about your safety, your neighbor's safety, the quality of life for our residents and the general well being of all citizens. Too often it seems that customers tend to forget that our City Employees are regular citizens and civil servants, who are proud to work for the City.

Our Mission Statement

“The Frankfort Planning and Building Codes Department protects, maintains, and enhances our sense of community, historical heritage, and built environment. We provide leadership and exceptional public services in a fiscally responsible manner to meet and exceed the needs of our residents, visitors, and business community; while maintaining the unique quality and character of Frankfort, with the ultimate goal of protecting the public’s investment, safety, health, and welfare.”