Lead Paint Information

Hazards & Abatement

The State's Cabinet for Health and Family Services has an Environmental Lead Program that is responsible for administering the laws and regulations related to lead detection and abatement.

Specific program activities of the program relate to:

  • The application process for accreditation of training providers and monitoring of accredited courses
  • Applications for certification to conduct lead-hazard inspections and risk assessments and review of inspection and risk-assessment reports
  • Applications for certification of abatement detection companies, supervisors or workers who wish to conduct lead-hazard abatement
  • Review of abatement plans, issuance of abatement permits and Inspectors / Risk Assessors conducting quality inspections of abatement sites
  • Complaint investigations related to certification or work practice procedures and standards violations
  • Regulated community and consumer education

Lead Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right (PDF)

Lead Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right