Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Goals & Policies That Support Historic Preservation

Goal 1: Grow by Design

Among other things, decisions on future growth should be considered with awareness for energy conservation, the public need for greenspace and walkability and the need for ties to historic resources, tourism opportunities, and the Kentucky River, including its tributaries.


  1. Provide overlays within the city and county that identify aspects of the landscape that are of cultural, ecological and historical significance, for example:
    • Historic buildings
    • Mature woodlands
    • Old railroad tracks
    • Steep slopes
    • Stone walls
    • Wetlands

GOAL 6: Preserve Existing Neighborhoods

Promote the stability, preservation, and vitality of existing residential neighborhoods.


  1. Establish programs to stabilize, improve, and revitalize existing neighborhoods
  2. Promote maintenance of existing structures and provide incentives for the rehabilitation of deteriorating structures
  3. Preserve historic buildings and neighborhoods to maintain community character