Solid Waste

The City of Frankfort Solid Waste Division provides reliable waste management solutions through residential curbside collection and a variety of specialized services. The department works proactively to reduce waste and to increase recycling in the city.

special announcements

  • update: covid-19 Collection changes
    Beginning tuesday, April 7th, the solid waste division will resume collection of yard waste.
    in addition we will continue to collect up to 6 additional overflow (blue) trash bags or 2 regular trash bags (any color).
    The electronic recycling drop off location remains closed.
    For additional information click here.

  • The city of frankfort has a new drop off location for paper recycling. click here for additional information.

Paper box

  • To ensure that the city of Frankfort is safe and clean for everyone, it is important to always practice proper use of your recycle cart. click here for more information regarding items to avoid placing in your cart. Thank you!