Police Department


The Department is organized into two divisions, Operations and Support Services. The Operations Division, commanded by Assist Chief Derrick Napier, is made up of our patrol services, TRU Honor Guard, Accident Reconstruction, and the Explorer program. The Support Services Division, commanded by Assistant Chief Lynn Aubrey, consists of the Criminal Investigations Units, Evidence, Crisis Negotiations, Parking Enforcement, Animal Control, and Records staff. 

Capital Cruiser


The mission of the Frankfort Police Department is to provide law enforcement and crime prevention services in partnership with the citizens which creates and maintains a sense of security and improves the overall quality of life in the community.

To carry out this mission, the Frankfort Police Department has adopted a community based approach to policing. It is the organizational strategy that is based on the belief that both the police and the community must work together to identify, prioritize, and solve contemporary problems such as crime, drugs, and the fear of crime.


As the Frankfort Police Department carries out its mission, we have identified guiding values and broad goals for our members. These values reflect some of the major expectations for the Department as we deliver the best possible services to the citizens of our community. Our guiding values and goals are:

•    The Department is responsible for protecting the Constitutional Rights of all persons.

•    The Department places the highest value on the preservation of life.

•    Prevention of crime is an operational priority of the Department.

•    Since the power of the police comes from the consent of those being policed, the Department is accountable to the community.

•    Because crime is not only a police problem but a social problem that has impact on all aspects of our community, the Department is committed to involving the community in the application and delivery of police services.

•    The Department is committed to professionalism in all aspects of its operations.

•    Since the employees of the Frankfort Police Department are its most important resource, the Department is committed to providing responsive, comprehensive, and innovative personnel services to its employees.

•    The Department is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity.