Community, Cameras, and Cops (C.C.C.)

How quickly could crimes be solved if we all became the eyes and the ears of our community? If you have a security camera attached to your house and would like to register it with the Frankfort Police Department we can partner together and help keep your neighborhood safer. 

Businesses that have cameras can register them as well. Additionally, cameras that face streets, roadways and access points could prove to be most beneficial.

Together, we can make a difference and make the C.C.C. program a success. Please consider registering your camera with us. Just email us your address, name, and phone number. That’s all we need to build our investigative map. The email address to register and participate is

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D.A.R.E. is an innovative project designed to build a strong, drug free youth. This project uses a curriculum designed to help young people resist the pressures of substance abuse and violence while developing strong decision making skills. The program focuses on accurate information about substance abuse with the major focal points being marijuana, tobacco and alcohol. The lessons deal with the consequences of abuse, building self-esteem, providing ways to resist and identify peer pressure, and alternatives to drug use. 

DARE teaching students good decision making skills to help them lead safe and healthy lives

The D.A.R.E. Program addresses drug/alcohol use and violence (such as bullying) on a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. D.A.R.E. was initially implemented in the Franklin County Public Schools in 1986. The pilot program proved so successful that D.A.R.E. was adopted as a part of the elementary curriculum in the Spring of 1987.

Our Program

The curriculum is taught by Officers Tom Schmidt, Scott Wilcoxson, Micheal Wells and Ben Hankins, highly trained uniform law enforcement officers who are assigned to a classroom and have immediate credibility with the students. If you would like more information on the D.A.R.E. program, please contact the Community Services Officer at 502-875-8523.

Neighborhood watch we look out for each other

Neighborhood Watch

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch program in your area, please contact Major Jeff Abrams at 502-875-8523.

Citizens Police Academy

View or download our Citizens Police Academy documents.