Local Preference


Local businesses can qualify for local preference status with the City of Frankfort, when a business meets the requirements of City of Frankfort Ordinances and maintains a current local preference application on file with the Finance Purchasing Agent.


The criteria for "local preference status" is the following:

  • Business has been certified as a local business by the Finance Purchasing Agent
  • Business must maintain a current occupational license as required by the City of Frankfort or Franklin County and have filed an occupational license fee return in the name of such business for 2 years immediately preceding the year in which the local preference is to be awarded
  • Business must maintain an office or place of business located within Frankfort or Franklin County

Application Process

Applications for the local preference status are available on the City of Frankfort Web-Site. Questions concerning the local preference status should be addressed to the City’s Finance Department at 502-875-8500.