Code of Conduct

Passenger Code of Conduct

No person shall interfere, in any manner, with the safe operation or movement of any Transit vehicle.


No person shall hinder or prevent the movement of persons on any Transit vehicle or Transit property so as to interfere with the rights of others.

Use Respectful Language- No profanity, teasing, sexual/racial slurs or gestures, threatening/offensive language. No person shall intentionally or recklessly harass or annoy another person.

Keep quiet levels- No yelling, playing musical instruments or use of any other sound amplification (without headsets) including cell phone ring tones.

Use Respectful Behavior- No use of public display of offensive pornographic materials or media. No public displays of affection.

No illegal substances- No person shall use or possess alcohol or illegal drugs in or around the Transit bus or bus stops.


If intoxicated or inhibited by drugs- service will be denied.

Respect the Driver and Passengers- No action creating a nuisance for driver or passengers, no engaging in fighting, threatening harm to persons or property, or violent, unsafe or criminal action in or around the Transit bus or bus stops.

Wear appropriate clothing- All passengers must have shoes, shirt and appropriate bottom covering.

Carts/ Stollers must be folded and secured and not be blocking the aisle or emergency exits.

Keep Transit Vehicles and Property Clean- No littering, spitting, expectorating, defecating or urinating on Transit Vehicles or under shelter covering.

No Explosives or flammable substances. No car batteries or gas can.

Respect the Transit Vehicle and Property- No smoking, eating, drinking, chewing gum, roller skating, skateboarding or bicycling on board a Transit Vehicle or under a shelter covering

Service Animals ONLY- No pets (including insects, birds, reptiles and amphibians).

Drinks must have a SCREW ON LID- Passengers are not allowed to drink while riding the bus.

No Soliciting- Have fare before the bus arrives. Cannot solicit fare from other passengers.

Schedule & Payments:

Exact Fare is required. Frankfort Transit fare boxes accept coins, bills, checks (over $10) and bus tickets. The driver DOES NOT MAKE CHANGE or ACCEPT/HANDLE MONEY.

All Demand Response, JOBS and Fixed Route Deviations must make a reservation 24 hours in advance, 2:30pm the day before. Only passengers who make reservations will have return rides to include Fixed Route Deviations.

Monthly passes must be shown to the driver every time you board the bus. If a passenger attempts to use an expired monthly pass they will be put off the bus and possibly banned from all Transit Services.

Passengers who refuse to comply will be asked to leave the vehicle or facility immediately, and may be suspended from service. In addition, law enforcement agencies can and will cite those in violation. For more information, contact 502-875-8565