Eric E. Whisman

Commissioner Eric E. Whisman


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Eric is serving his first term as City Commissioner. He is a native of Frankfort, and took office on January 1, 2019. He believes Frankfort is a wonderful community, ripe with opportunity.  He is dedicated to our people and will work to build a brighter future and a better quality of life for everyone.

Eric is a graduate of Frankfort’s Western Hills High School. He earned a Bachelors in Communications at the University of Kentucky and is working to complete a Masters of Historic Preservation. 

Eric fulfills many volunteer roles in Frankfort and Kentucky working to preserve our past and build opportunity for our future. He serves as a statewide director for historic preservation, focusing on community engagement, planning and adaptive reuse of existing historic resources to bring economic development opportunity to Kentucky’s rural communities. He believes in the power of people to create change and thinks good leadership focuses on giving people a platform to develop and spread ideas that work. He feels called to be a public servant, to lead by example and to be a conduit to bring people together to achieve shared goals.

Eric believes the people of his hometown can accomplish anything. He is dedicated to informing and educating the community about important issues and creating an open government that allows everyone to participate. Building on the foundation of Frankfort's historic past is critical to creating a vibrant and viable future, especially for the historic downtown core. By bridging the gap between local and state government and the citizens of our city, we can make measurable achievements that will benefit everyone.