Frankfort Introduces Neighborhood Enhancement Program

October 12, 2017 – In response to the Frankfort City Commission’s direction to improve code enforcement and revive our neighborhoods, City staff will be moving forward with a City Enhancement Program, according to City Manager Cindy Steinhauser.

The program will consist of a number of elements designed to improve the safety and appearance of Frankfort neighborhoods.  The program will include an eight week sweep of Frankfort neighborhoods.   The upcoming comprehensive sweep will include Planning and Code Enforcement, Public Works and the Parks Department. 

During the sweep code enforcement personnel will be scanning for possible code violations.  Most minor code violations will be given a courtesy notice, with some exceptions.  Exceptions include repeat violators, properties with four or more violations and violations that pose imminent danger.  These exceptions will receive a notice of violation.   

The Public Works Department will be looking for items the City can improve to enhance neighborhoods.  These items include pothole repair, street signs that need to be replaced, removed or updated, vehicles parked on rights of way that appear to be inoperable, vegetated areas in the right of way that need weed removal or mowing and curbs that need to be painted.

The Parks Department will also assist in the review by looking for street trees which need attention, limb obstruction, possible bike lane additions and the condition of City parks. 

The Commission has also recently approved two Community Enhancement grants that are designed to empower neighborhoods, enhance their visual appearance and strengthen neighborhood ties.  The Community Beautification Grants will be available for up to $500.00 for projects such as landscaping and debris clean-up. The Community Collaboration Grants will also be up to $500.00 for projects such as block parties, educational sessions and other activities that bring communities together.  Each grant program has been funded in the amount of $5,000.00. More information on these grant programs will be available in the coming weeks.

The City will conduct public meetings to give a brief presentation explaining the Neighborhood Enhancement Program.  Staff will be on hand to answer questions and address concerns.  Planning Director Gary Muller discussed the program with the South Frankfort Neighborhood Association at their regular meeting on September 26.  Additional neighborhood meetings are listed below.

  • 10/16     Memorial Baptist Church         5:30 PM  
  • 10/30     Sheriff’s Office                            5:30 PM  
  • 11/6       East Frankfort Baptist               5:30 PM  
  • 11/14     Immanuel Baptist                       5:30 PM 
  • 11/20     TBA                                               TBA

For additional information please contact Rebecca Hall at 502-352-2076.





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