Frankfort Police Operations

The Operations Division is organized into two patrol shifts and functions on a 12 hour schedule.  Each shift is comprised of two squads. The shifts are commanded by a captain and each squad is supervised by a lieutenant and sergeant. Fifty-one officers, including the four DARE officers, are assigned to the division. The Operations Division is also home to the department's two K-9s and their handlers.  In 2011, a FLEX (short for flexible) unit was created.  The officers and Sergeant assigned to FLEX supplement patrol, target specific crime patterns and investigate narcotics.  Two part-time employees assigned to the division perform the parking enforcement function.

The Support Services Division includes the Criminal Investigations Section which is commanded by a captain and supervised by a sergeant. The section consists of four case investigators and a domestic violence and child abuse specialist. Also included in the division is an adminsitrative captain, a sergeant that serves as the property and evidence custodian, three clerical personnel, the animal control service, and three part-time school crossing guards.

All sworn personnel are certified under Kentucky's Peace Officer Professional Standards (POPS) program which is under the direction of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council (KLEC). Following graduation from the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training's 22 week basic training course, officers are required to successfully complete the Frankfort Police Department's 13-week field training program before receiving a patrol assignment . Every sworn officer in the Department is required to complete annually a minimum of 40 hours additional KLEC-certified training.

The Department provides additional training in the use of firearms and less-lethal weapons such as expandable batons, pepper spray and electronic control devices. Officers must qualify with their firearms annually, with additional training provided for high-risk and low-light weapons use. The Department operates its own 14 point range, which is equipped with a classroom, storage buildings, and turning targets.

Among the services provided to the community by the Department are:

  • Neighborhood bike patrol
  • Traffic accident reconstruction
  • DARE in all middle and elementary schools
  • K-9 unit for drugs and search
  • Tactical response unit
  • Hostage negotiations unit
  • Honor Guard
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Crime prevention education programs
  • Police Explorer Post
  • Animal control


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