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Who is responsible for landscape vegetation on private property
Landscape vegetation is defined as trees, flowers, or shrubs planted for landscaping purposes and does not include weeds or turf.

For additional information please contact the Public Works Department at (502) 875-8500.

In order to keep city sidewalks and streets safe and accessible to the public, the owners of property adjacent to a city sidewalk or street shall prevent the landscape vegetation on his or her property from growing in a manner which interferes with normal sidewalk or street traffic, or poses a threat to safety of public rights-of-way due to obstruction of view, obstruction of passage or in any other manner.

When landscape vegetation located on private property is planted or has grown in a manner that interferes with normal use of a sidewalk, street, or right-of-way but that poses no immediate threat to public safety, a letter will be sent to the property owner from the Public Works Department asking that the vegetation be pruned or removed within a five day period. If the nuisance remains after the allotted timeframe the Street Department shall perform the necessary work.

Instances where landscape vegetation located on private property is planted or has grown in a manner that obstructs street signage, line of sight, or in any way poses an immediate threat to a street, sidewalk and/or to the public, the Public Works Director, or his/her designee, shall instruct the Street Department to perform the necessary pruning or removal of the growth that creates the hazard. Because of the threat to safety, time is of the essence and there will not be a notification letter to the property owner.

Public Works Solid Waste

I think my garbage or recycling has been missed? Who do I contact to get it picked up?
Call the Public Works at (502) 352-2088 or the Sanitation Department at (502) 875-8527.

If I set out carpet will the Sanitation people take it?
Carpet can be collected on your regular garbage day. It must be cut and tied in 4 foot sections and not exceed 50 pounds per bundle.

When can I set out tree limbs and brush for collection?
Tree limbs and brush are collected on your regular solid waste collection day. They must be placed at the curb with your household garbage. Limbs shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight or 6 feet in length. Limbs shall be stacked with cut ends facing the street, not criss-crossed, and placed in piles no bigger than 3 feet high and 10 feet long.

When do you collect household appliances?
Appliances are collected on your regular solid waste collection day. Place the appliances at the curb with your household garbage and a separate truck will come by to collect them.

Public Works Storm Water

I have a water problem with storm water runoff, who do I contact?
Contact the Public Works office at (502) 875-8563.

 Public Works Street Department

A street light is out or not working properly, who do I call to get it repaired?
The Frankfort Electric and Water Plant Board repairs and maintains all city street lights. They can be contacted at their Service Center at (502)352-4372.

There is a dead tree limb or tree in the city's right-of-way. What can I do about it?
Call Public Works at (502) 875-8563 and they will investigate.

What do I do if a tree limb has fallen into the street?
During business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) call the Public Works Office at (502) 875-8563, after hours or weekends call Dispatch at (502) 875-8582.

Who is responsible for street trees?
Responsibility for street trees

Street trees are defined as trees that are located within the right-of-way. Responsibilities for street trees are divided between the city and the owner of the property adjacent to the street tree.

In order to keep the City streets and sidewalks safe for the public, the City is authorized to remove dead street trees in the right-of-way and may remove street trees or limbs from street trees when, in the opinion of the City Arborist, Public Works Director, or his/her designee, they threaten imminent danger to the public in the right-of-way, street, or sidewalk.

Where a street tree does not interfere with sidewalk or street traffic or pose a threat to public rights-of-way, but may pose a concern to the Owner of the adjacent properties, remediation of that tree concern shall be the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The adjacent property owner shall obtain a permit for any removal or substantial pruning of street trees.

 Public Works Transit

Can your bus provide me with transportation to the county or another nearby city?
Frankfort Transit only provides bus service within the city limits of Frankfort. If you need to be transported to an area in the Franklin County or another city, you should contact Bluegrass Community Action (BUS) at (502) 695-4290.

What do I need to do in order to be able to ride the parattransit bus?
An application must be filled out and signed by a doctor or an agency serving the elderly or disabled. Once the application is approved, you must call ahead (at least 24 hours) to schedule your ride.

Where can I catch a bus?
Weekday bus schedule click here
Saturday bus schedule click here

You can also call Frankfort Transit at (502) 875-8565 for a schedule.



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