Single Stream Recycling System

Kentucky is moving to a Single Stream recycling system that will involve changes in the way we collect and separate recyclables. The standard conveyors, bins and "10-finger picking" operations will give way to mechanical sorting and separating equipment that can accommodate a larger volume of materials. The Single Stream recycling system will allow residents to put their recyclable materials into a single container, even glass.

Single Stream recycling system is an economic improvement to collecting recyclable materials from the municipal waste stream. It is important to divert as much material from going into our landfills as possible to extend the lifespan and usefulness of this public waste management system. By slowing down the growth of landfills we can do our part to preserve natural woodlands and watersheds around the state.

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Items that can be Recycled


What are the materials that can be recycled?

PAPER (fiber):
In general all paper can be recycled in what is called a closed loop recycling process or simply, paper can be recycled back into paper. Paper no longer need be sorted by color or surface quality (glossy or uncoated textures). Below is a list of acceptable paper products that can be recycled by your material recovery facility.

  • box board (paper food containers boxes) always remove liners
  • brown paper bags
  • catalogs and magazines
  • corrugated cardboard
  • newspapers, with inserts
  • office and school papers
  • phone books
  • junk mail, flyers and door hangers

PLASTIC (resin)
Plastic containers numbers 1 - 5 on the bottom can now be recycled. A wide range of products are made from recycled plastics, such as carpets, rope, filters, scouring pads, drainage and irrigation pip, fencing, plastic lumber, flowerpots, trash cans, signs, building insulation, packing materials and many other new products being used in various ways in today's marketplace.

Please rinse all plastic containers. Below is a list of acceptable plastic products that can be recycled by your material recovery facility, (bottles and jugs only)

  • any size soft drinks bottles
  • laundry detergent jugs
  • bleach and fabric softener jugs
  • milk and water jugs
  • cooking oil bottles and jugs
  • alcohol bottles
  • (no plastic grocery bags)

CANS (aluminum & steel)
Aluminum beverage cans, steel food cans and aerosol spray cans are metal containers that can be recycled by your material recovery facility using the Single Stream recycling system. An increasing demand in the recycling industry to recover metals has helped divert large amounts of materials going into local landfills. Your local recycling agency may be able to accept other metals, such as refrigerators, hot-water heaters and other appliances except microwaves. Call for special pickups with you local collection agency. Below is a list of acceptable metal products that can be recycled by your material recovery facility. (make sure cans are empty)

  • aerosol (hair spray, etc)
  • aluminum soda or beer cans
  • steel food cans

GLASS (cullet)
All glass bottles of any color can now be recycled curbside along with your other recyclable materials. The Kentucky Transportation Agency has approved the experimental use of pulverized glass in roadbed construction. Crushed glass is processed into insulation by producers in North America and ongoing studies are being done to find other uses for recycled glass. Below is a list of acceptable glass products that can be recycled by your material recovery facility. (make sure all bottles are empty)

  • bottles
  • jars
  • (no window glass, mirrors or ceramics accepted) (remove metal lids)

Solid Waste Division/Single Stream Recycling  Business Hours 7:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Recycling at the Drop off center available at 309 Rouse Ave, (anytime)
or curbside
on your scheduled pick-up day.

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