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The City of Frankfort will provide one wheeled trash container (cart) with a capacity of 32 gallon, 64 gallon, or 96 gallon -and one recycling container with a capacity of 32, 64, or 96 gallon capacity to each resident at no additional charge.

Garbage Collection
Dispose of your garbage in the container provided by the City of Frankfort. Make sure the lid is closed, without packing your garbage too tightly. These containers are the property of the City and are assigned to your street address. For collection, place the container as close as possible to the curb or roadside, NOT on the street. Make sure the container is at least 3 feet from mailboxes, parked cars, trees, light posts and the handle and lid hinge is facing your residence. Please ensure the lid is closed to prevent damage to cart(s).

The containers shall remain the property of the City of Frankfort. Damaged or stolen containers will be replaced upon request. The property owner is responsible for keeping the container clean.

Garbage in containers other than the City issued containers or the prepaid bags will not be collected except on quarterly pickup days scheduled by the City.
Whenever garbage is put out in violation of City Ordinance, the City may issue a Notice of Violation. This Notice will give the property owner 5 days to remedy the situation. If, after 5 days, the violation still exists the City may send employees to effect compliance and the property owner will be charged $35 per event.

Disposal of Excess Garbage
Garbage that does not fit into the provided container must be placed in a prepaid City of Frankfort garbage bag. Prepaid garbage bags that will be picked up by the City may be purchased from approved vendors for $1 per bag. You can purchase bags at Kroger (East & West) and Bryant’s Pic Pac on Second Street. For any questions please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 875-8500.

Disability Assistance
While carts are usually easier to move to their collection spot, some may have difficulty. If you have a disability, please call our office, (502) 875-8527, so that we can review your needs.

Public Safety

  • Refuse collection can be hazardous. Make sure that children stay clear of curbside refuse and collection trucks. Curbside refuse should not impede pedestrian walkways or public through-fares.
  • Containers must be at your curbside the night before or by 7:00 am on your scheduled service day and removed from the public right of way that evening.
  • Paint containers must be empty or solidified prior to being picked up. (Use kitty litter or sand to solidify left over paint).
  • Liquids (i.e. thinners, oil, acids), Medical Waste (i.e. oxygen tanks), tires, hot ashes, hazardous materials, construction debris, and propane tanks are not acceptable materials for pick up. Needles will be picked up in Sharps containers only. (ie: no needles in milk bottles or 2 liter plastic bottles will be accepted)
  • ALL boxes need to be broken down, and placed in your cart for pick up.

Yard Waste
Yard waste can consist of grass clippings, leaves, or small branches. The City is still providing free pickup of yard waste that is placed on the curb in the proper manner.

Your old 32 gallon garbage containers may be used to dispose of loose yard waste. The cans shall weigh less than 50 pounds and be free of trash. You may also purchase brown paper biodegradable paper bags to place your yard waste in. No plastic bags are permitted in the yard waste container.

Tree brush shall be placed adjacent to the public street stacked neatly. No tree limb shall weigh more than 50 pounds and exceed 6 ft. in length. The piles shall not exceed 3 ft. high and 10 ft. wide with cut ends facing the street. The City does not pick up yard waste as a result of contract work.

Requesting a Different Size Cart
The property owner may exchange the trash cart for a cart of a different size upon payment of a $50 service charge to the City.  Changing the size of the recycle cart is no cost.

Property owner(s) requesting to switch their roll-out cart size at curbside may do so during the months of January and July.  The property owner must pay the $50 service charge with either check or cash.  Payments can be made at the Public Works office located in City Hall, 315 W. Second St. or mailed to City of Frankfort, Attn: Public Works, PO Box 697, Frankfort, KY 40602.  When mailing, please include information details such as; name, address, phone number and cart request.  During other months, the property owner must exchange the cart at the recycle center by appointment after paying the $50 service charge to City Hall.  For more information contact Solid Waste at (502) 875-8527 or Public Works at (502) 875-8500.

New property owner(s) may request a one-time cart change out within the first 30 days of new ownership at no cost. New property owners should contact Public Works at (502) 352-2088 or Solid Waste at (502) 875-8527 to schedule a cart exchange. 

Bulky Items
Bulky items such as appliances, old furniture, and the like shall be placed alongside the roll out containers once per week for collection. Refrigerators shall have the door removed and carpet shall be cut and tied into four foot sections not weighing more than 50 pounds. Items such as tires, metal poles, swing sets, and fuel tanks will not be collected by city personnel.


Solid Waste/Recycling/Yard Waste/Appliance Pick-up Schedules

Recycling and Solid Waste Schedule

The following Subdivisions are collected on Tuesday:
Bellepoint, Blanton Acres, Fort Boone, Buttimer Hill, Colony, Imperial, Cavelawn, Parkview, River Bend, Holly Hills, North Frankfort, Holmes Street, Thornhill, Berry Hill

The following Subdivisions are collected on Wednesday:
Arlington Heights, Montrose Park, College Park, Glenns Creek, Crestwood, Fairview Heights, Hickory Hills, Landings, Schenkelwood, Lyons Drive, Capital View, Franklin Acres, Franklin Heights, Rolling Acres, Bellview, Ridgeview, Arnold Ridge

The following Subdivisions are collected on Thursday:
Butler Addition, Grandview, Eastover, Brighton Park, Cardinal Hills, Tierra Linda, Inverness, Silver Lake, Woodlands, Indian Hills

The following Subdivisions are collected on Friday:
Cedars, Garden Point, Meadows, Westgate, Westwood, Cloverdale, South Frankfort, Tanglewood, Thistleton

Please set out the material by 7:00 am on your collection day. For more information, to place a service request or report a missed collection, please call the Division of Solid Waste at (502) 875-8527.

“Free” Weeks 2017: 1/10, 3/14, 5/8, 7/11, 9/12, 11/14 1/16/2018

The City of Frankfort Solid Waste Department provides reliable waste management solutions through residential curbside collection and a variety of specialized services.  The Department works proactively to reduce waste and to increase recycling in the city of Frankfort.


Solid Waste Department
Recycle Center
309 Rouse Ave., Frankfort, KY 40601

Hours of Operation: 7AM- 2:30 PM, Monday– Friday



Solid Waste Division

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