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Employee Resources

  1. PR Submission Form

    Internal Press Release Submission Form


  1. Business License Application

    City of Frankfort Business License Application $60.00 Fee

Fire & EMS

  1. Contact the Fire Department

    Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

  2. Firefighter Recruit Application (Online)

    Frankfort Fire & EMS FIREFIGHTER RECRUIT The City of Frankfort, Kentucky is accepting applications for Firefighter Recruit. The... More…

  1. Contact the Fire Marshal

    Please feel free to contact the Fire Marshal with any questions or concerns.

  2. Frankfort Fire & EMS Registration Form (Paramedic or EMT)

    Registration Form for either Paramedic or EMT Class. You must select which class you are registering when completing this form. You... More…

Planning & Community Development

  1. Questions - Flood Information

    Have a question about flood zones or floodplain development? Contact the Planning Department and we'll get you on the right track.

  2. Sign Permit Application
  1. Request a Rental Inspection
  2. Zoning Permit Application

    For small projects such as fences, storage buildings, and driveways.


  1. C.C.C Form

    COMMUNITY, CAMERAS, AND COPS Registration Form

  2. Police Academy Application
  1. Citizens Police Acamdey Affirmation