Press Release – February 7, 2018 - Frankfort Mayor William I. May, Jr. is amongst an early group of local government leaders urging Congress and the Trump Administration to invest in America’s communities. He has joined a growing coalition of mayors, city councilors, town supervisors, county executives and commissioners, tribal leaders, and other local elected officials from across the country that seeks a steady federal partner and new investment in infrastructure, housing, parks, brownfields, and other critical municipal functions that affect people’s quality of life. The “First & Main” coalition represents rural communities, tribal areas, small towns, and mid-sized cities across the United States.

Local elected officials have worked together to develop a Blueprint that identifies federal programs that are proven to work in communities, suggests improvements to make existing national initiatives more effective, and proposes new ideas to meet the needs of smaller places. This Blueprint is organized around four key principles:

  • Support locally-driven community revitalization, which is essential to the vitality of these communities and attracting additional investment to our regions.
  • Build vibrant, healthy, walkable towns and cities to help address health disparities and connect everyone in the community to greater opportunities, strengthen entire regions, enhance quality of life, and attract additional and sustained economic investment.
  • Create opportunities for everyone in America’s small and mid-sized communities by providing equal access and distribution to small and mid-size communities within federal programs.
  • Invest in infrastructure that creates lasting value, not expensive liabilities for which our communities lack the money to maintain. Connecting more places and people is critical for success, and rebuilding and fixing existing infrastructure upon which we have relied for decades should be our first priority.

The campaign takes the name “First & Main’ because this is the intersection where everything happens in a community. It’s where east and west meet north and south. It’s where you can find the old train depot that built the town, City Hall, the family restaurant everyone knows, the businesses that continue to drive our local economy, or the corner from which to spot the most beautiful historic buildings in town. These communities form the basic building block of America’s prosperity.

Mayor May will engage with other First & Main leaders in 2018 and beyond to ensure that cities like Frankfort receive the federal support they need to grow and prosper.

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