Parks Foundation

100% of Donations Support Frankfort Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites

The Frankfort Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Department and the City of Frankfort have created a a 501(c)3 foundation to promote and receive monetary donations that are tax deductible and benefit both the donator(s) and the park system. Our mission is to benefit and improve youth and adult recreation opportunities, activities, programs, facilities and overall quality of life in the City of Frankfort. In conjunction with the Blue Grass Community Foundation, funds have been created with the sole purpose of improving the parks system for Frankfort. Any donations are appreciated and all donations go directly back into the park system. Contact us today for details and how your donation can be used. We'll supply all the documentation you need for tax purposes and provide you with a customizable and the proper recognition (if desired) your generous donations deserves. 

Examples of Donations At Work

  • Youth athletics scholarships for privileged children and families
  • Sports equipment for under privileged children
  • Supplies and materials for youth neighborhood playgrounds and programs
  • Parks facility upgrades in park areas serving Frankfort neighborhoods such as playgrounds
  • Walking and hiking trails and other fitness facilities
  • Memorial benches for passed loved ones. 
  • Playing fields and courts such as baseball, basketball, softball, & tennis 
  • And many other facilities, programs, and opportunities!

How to Make a Donation

Making a donation is easy! Visit our foundation website here for full information and how to make a donation! When submitting a donation, just designate in the memo line what you wish your donation to go fo? For example: "a bench at a certain park", or "playground equipment at a certain park", or "youth baseball league", or other specific donation. If it is just a general donation, just note it as a general donation, and the parks department will ensure it is used to benefit the parks where the need is the most. Any donation made to the foundation is put back directly into the parks. Donations are not permitted by law to be used for salaries, day to day operations, or other employee benefits. The Blue Grass Community Foundations ensures donations are used properly and documentation will be provided to you on your donation and what it was used for. 

How Your Donation Can or Will Be Used

Your generous donation can be used in any way you see fit!  When you make your donation, you can be as specific as you wish as to where you would like your donation spent. When donating, note on the check in the memo line what you wish your donation to be used for. If donating through the online portal, there is a specific area to list what you donation is to be used for. The Blue Grass Community Foundation and the Frankfort Parks Department are binded to use your donation only for the specific reason, cause, facility, program or other function you have stated.  

Tax Documentation

Upon making your donation, you will receive all the appropriate tax documentation directly from the Blue Grass Community Foundation. Please look for this information in the mail 2-4 weeks after making your donation.  

Contact for Questions on How Your Donation Can or Will be Used or Any Other Questions Concerning Your Donation

Shawn Pickens, Director of Parks, 502-875-8575 or email
Jane Higgins, Blue Grass Community Foundation,