Collaborating with NREL

In February, 2022, the city began its relationship with NREL. NREL provided technical assistance and analytic support to the city to identify options and pathways to meet the city's clean energy goals. 

Phase 1 (complete)

Phase 1 was a planned, broad effort of support by NREL to assist the city in mapping out potential pathways to meet its clean energy goals. NREL provided staff and technical expertise to support three primary activities:

  • Baselining and Solution Mapping

  • Development of Pathways to 100% Clean Renewable Electricity

  • Community Clean Energy Analysis Using SLOPE and LEAD Tools

Read the full Phase 1 Scope of Work for additional information.

The primary findings and suggestions resulting from Phase 1 include:

  • An 8.2 MW solar facility would generate enough electricity to meet city needs

  • Utility-scale solar is the most cost-competitive option

  • Three Pathways to 100% Renewable Energy

    1. Renewable Energy Credit (RECs)
    2. Utility-Scale Solar
    3. Blended Approach of Utility-Scale Solar and RECs

Read the NREL's Final Report (Phase 1, Task 2) for additional information.


What is NREL?

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL, focusses on "creative answers to today's energy challenges." Through their systems engineering and analysis as well as research in 16 sectors, NREL's vision is to "guide the nation in achieving ambitions goals in reducing greenhouse gas and emissions and a decarbonized clean energy future."

Phase 2 (ongoing)

During Phase 2, NREL will provide additional technical assistance to de-risk the potential for new-build solar in order to meet the city's operational and community goals as cost effectively as possible. This phase will consist of two primary activities:

  • Analysis to De-risk Potential for New-build Solar

  • Provide Technical Assistance in Virtual Meetings and As-needed

Read the full Phase 2 Scope of Work for additional information.