Streets & Floodwall

The Street & Floodwall Division is responsible for roadway maintenance on city owned streets, drainage ditches, storm drains and storm pipe in city rights of way and easements, and floodwall operation and maintenance. 

CLICK HERE for a map depicting all state-maintained streets within the city limits.


The Division has a street sweeper and one flusher truck for street cleaning and provides snow and ice removal during inclement weather. During the spring months, the City Engineer assesses all city streets to determine which streets are to be included in that year’s paving program. 

Street signage, mowing (city right of ways), and construction of small drainage projects are a few of the responsibilities of the Street Division.

Leaf Collection

The Street Division provides an annual leaf collection in the fall. Residents can rake their leaves out to the curb and leaf vacuums will come by to collect them. This is done on a schedule determined by the Public Works Director and published in the local newspaper during leaf collection season. 

This service is a benefit to our residents, but also serves to help maintain the stormwater drainage system. By assisting our residents with leaf collection and disposal, the Streets & Floodwall Division is helping to ensure that the storm system does not become clogged with debris.

Flood Pumping Stations

The Street Division personnel operates and maintains four Kentucky River flood pumping stations, the floodwall, and levees. This flood protection system was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1969 (North Frankfort) and 1997 (South Frankfort).