Smart 911


Frankfort / Franklin County E911 Dispatch Center utilizes Smart 911 technology. Enhanced 911 can give dispatchers your location when you call from your residential phone. 

Smart 911 allows you to give the dispatchers additional information that can be very important for the safety of your loved ones in an emergency, before the emergency occurs. If a call to 911 was placed from your residence, that information would immediately be displayed to the dispatchers.

Smart 911

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Important Information for Dispatchers

Dispatchers could be made aware of:

  • Any information that would be useful to the Fire and Police personnel that respond to help your family
  • Current medications that you or your loved ones take.
  • Loved ones whose mobility is impaired and would have difficulty escaping from a fire or emergency situation.
  • Past injuries or medical conditions that should be taken into consideration during emergency treatment
  • Severe allergies or allergic reactions to medications.


Registration is simple, free and can be done online. You can update your information as often as you need to.

Visit the Smart 911 website to register for this potentially life-saving resource.