Reasonable Accommodations

Frankfort Transit Service Accessibility

Frankfort Transit is committed to servicing person with disabilities. We back that commitment by providing services that make public transportation both easy and pleasant for persons with disabilities.

Frankfort Transit will make reasonable modifications/accommodations to its operating policies, practices, and procedures to ensure program accessibility. The nature of an individual’s disability will not preclude Frankfort Transit from providing full access to its services.

Some exemptions apply. These exemptions include when the modification or accommodation would:

  • Cause a direct treat to health and safety of others.
  • Result in a fundamental alteration of the service.
  • Is not actually necessary in order of the individual with the disability to access the service
  • Result in an undo financial or administrative burden for Frankfort Transit.

If you would like to request a reasonable medication or accommodation prior to utilizing that service, you may do so by contacting Jennifer Hall, Transit Superintendent at (502) 352-2089 or by email at In addition, you will need to file the attached form with Transit.  To access the Reasonable Accommodation Form click /DocumentCenter/View/1478

You should provide:

  • Name
  • Contact Information (for example, phone number or email address)
  • Service and/or Location
  • Specific details of the modification or accommodation request.

After submitting your request, you will receive feedback within 2 business days.