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Parks & Recreation

  1. Aquatic Center - Daycare/Group Attendance Request Form

    Please complete this form to request group admission to the Aquatic Center. Group admission is only available Monday - Friday.

  2. Memorandum of Agreement / Contract Request Form

    Any request made to the parks department by any outside governmental entity, public or private group, business, organization, public or... More…

  3. Release and Indemnity Agreement

    Release and Indemnity Agreement

  1. Coaching Application
  2. Outfield Banner Sponsorship Request Form

    Donate to the Parks and Recreation Foundation to support local baseball and softball with an outfield banner! Display your name and... More…

  3. Returning Employee Application

    This application is for returning employees only (i.e., applicants employed by the City of Frankfort within the last five years). If... More…